Smile clinic

Smile Dental Clinic is the newest dental clinic offering wide range of high-quality services in the town of Shumen and the region. The clinic is equipped with specially selected state-of-the-art professional equipment, selected by our specialists, in combination with innovative stylish interior ensuring your comfort during your stay. Our mission and purpose is to offer maximum satisfaction to our customers so we offer comprehensive dental treatment and services to you – our Customers.

We practice the prophylactic approach in the dental medicine and we are continuously testing innovative techniques and approaches in our development. We believe that in such a way the need for dental treatment in the future will be reduced and will help you maintain good dental health. Small details really matter to us and we believe that details distinguish the quality treatment offered by us.

Our dentists are with profiled specialization in the field of dental medicine and guarantee highest level of treatment at a price, as affordable as possible to our customers. You can contact us and receive more information by using the page Contact Us!

We are expecting you!